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Allan Millar

Position: Coach

Contact Email: allanmillar@tiscali.co.uk
Contact Phone : 07785560738
Alternative Phone : 01506 635885
Level 1, Early Touches. Level 2 Coaching Youth Footballers. Level 3 Coaching in the Game, Coerver Coaching Coaches.

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Davy Jones

Position: Coach, Goalkeeping Coach, Secretary.

Contact Email: davie.jones@blackburnunited.co.uk
Contact Phone : 07880 900322
Alternative Phone : 01506 654169
Level One Early Touches, Level Two Coaching Young Footballers, Level Three Coaching in the Game, Level One Youth Development Activities, Level One Goalkeeping. Level One Coaching Footballers with Disabilities. Coerver Coaching Coaches.

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Richard Hutton

Position: Child Protection Officer

Contact Phone : 07773 239858
St Andrews Sports Injuries First Aider

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John Hope

Position: Fitness Coach

Contact Phone : 07422552726
Insanity Diploma 1

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Jim Johnstone

Position: Community Club Child Protection Officer

Contact Email: jim.johnstone@blackburnunited.co.uk

Jim has attended Sports Coach UK course, Good Practice and Child Protection. Other qualifications include Children 1st In Safe Hands Club Child Protection Officer Workshop..
Jim is the main point of contact if you need support, advice or to report a concern.
For more information, please see our Club Policies.