Web Admin Policy

Spnsorship Opportunities

As a member of Blackburn United Community FC you have been trusted to update your section of the website. The following rules should be adhered to at all times & remember whatever you say reflects upon you, your team & the Club.

You must also comply with the general ‘Netiquette’ rules of the Internet community.

These include, but are not restricted, to the following:

  • Be polite.
  • Use appropriate language; do not swear or use vulgar language.
  • Do not harass or disrupt other users.
  • Do not reveal the personal email address, home address or telephone of any person.
  • Do not slander Match Officials or opposing teams.
  • Do not make comments about any Association Including WLAYFC, WLSS or the SFA which may be deemed as offensive.
  • Do not write match reports if you are angry or upset about something that has happened during the match as this will come through in the tone of the report.
  • Spellcheck all text that you wish to submit.
  • Report any content you are unhappy with to the Site Administrators.

The list above is not exhaustive and can be added to at any time. Just remember once you have submitted any content it's out there on the web so make sure it meets the above criteria.