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Under 11s 7v7 Rules

Number of Players and Substitutes

(a) For the 11s age group a team shall consist of 7 players and is permitted to list up to 7 substitutes of whom all may take part in the match.

(b) A minimum of 5 players are required to start a 7 a-side match.

(c) Teams falling 5 goals behind may field an additional player until the goal difference is reduced to 3.

Dimensions of the Field of Play

(a) For 11s (7 a-side) age group the length of the field of play shall not be more than 65 metres and not less than 55 metres. The breadth shall not be more than 45 metres and not less than 35 metres.

(b) Where possible spectators should be separated from the field of play by a wall, a rope, a railing or a fence (the distance from the touchline should be a minimum of 1m).

(c) Spectators shall be positioned on the opposite side of the field of play from the technical areas.

(d) Technical areas, on the same side of the field of play, marked by lines/markers etc., shall be provided at each ground (the distance from the touchline should be 1m).


There is no offside rule.

Retreating Area

For age group 11s there will be a 13m retreating area. When the goalkeeper has the ball in her hands, the opposing team must retreat behind the retreating area (marked by cones, flat markers, poles or the match supervisor can be used to take a line) until the ball has been played to a member of her team. No player from the opposition is allowed into the retreating area until the outfield player has touched the ball or the ball rolls to a complete stop.

Throw-ins and Free Kicks

In the event of the ball going out of play, a throw-in will be awarded. At all throw-ins and the taking of free kicks, all opposition players must be 6 metres from the ball. Players may be permitted a second throw-in following guidance from the match supervisor.


Play shall be re-centred after a goal has been scored with the opposing team at least 6 metres from the ball.

Pass back

The current pass back rule will not apply.

Penalty Kicks

Penalty kicks shall be taken 7 metres from the goal line.


(a) Goalkeepers may kick or throw the ball out as preferred. However, in an effort to prevent long passes prevailing, they should be encouraged to restrict these to a minimum.

(b) Goalkeepers attempting to gather the ball by hand may not be challenged.

(c) The 6 second rule for goalkeepers will not apply.

Corner Kicks

The current corner kick rule will apply.

Goal Kick

A goal kick will be taken from the ground, anywhere in the penalty area.

Provision of Footballs

Size 3 balls will be used.

First Aid Provisions

It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that a club official in possession of a current Sports First Aid Certificate or equivalent qualification recognised by the Scottish FA is available at matches played at its registered ground.

Age eligibility for season 2013

11's must be born on or after 1st January 2002

Minimum age eligibility

11's must be born on or before 31st December 2005

* Exception – each team is allowed up to 2 players born in 2001; with only 1 overage player allowed on the field of play per team at any time. Teams using this exception must make the opposition coach aware prior to the match.

Duration of Matches

(a) For 11s a match will consist of three periods each of 15 minutes in duration.

(b) The intervals shall be of 5 minutes duration, or as otherwise determined by the agreement of both clubs.

Match Supervisor

(a) A match supervisor will officiate from a designated area on the touchline or the field of play, no adult will be allowed on the field of play.

(b) Match supervisors are not allowed to coach.

(c) Home club to supply a Match supervisor.

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