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South East U11 Girls Activity

Coach Guidelines

These guidelines are supplied in addition to the U11 7v7 rules document, as an additional guide for coaches working within this age group. U11 activity is trophy-free to encourage more girls into the game and promote individual player development. This is best achieved through close, competitive matches and the responsibility lies with the coaches of both teams to ensure that matches do not become significantly one-sided. Equal playing time for all players is very much encouraged at this age group.

Home team responsibilities

Contact details for all teams will be provided with fixture details. The home team coach/coordinator must contact their visiting team’s coach/coordinator by the Tuesday prior to the match, with the time and venue. If these details are not yet confirmed, contact should still be made by the Tuesday to explain the situation. Communicating via text message or phone call is preferred to email alone.

The home team is responsible for providing a "Match Supervisor", who does not coach during the game. It is understood that at times this is made difficult if there is only one coach for the home team and no one else available to fulfil the Match Supervisor role. In these cases, opposition coaches may be able to share the role of match supervisor. Again, communication between coaches is key to finding a productive solution.

Overage players

To ensure an open and transparent atmosphere between teams, opposition coaches must be made aware of any players being fielded under the Overage Player rule.

If you are fielding players that are age eligible for U11s, but also compete at U13 level, please also disclose this information to the opposition coach.

Managing Player Behaviour

If a player displays aggressive behaviour during a match then she should be substituted for at least the remainder of that third. She should also be encouraged to apologise to the individual affected by her behaviour before she is allowed back on the field of play.

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