About the Club

We are Blackburn United Community Football Club. Our vision is that our Club, through our football teams, will strive to improve life in Blackburn using our shared values and working with our partners. We want to develop as a football club and enhance the lives of the people of Blackburn. Hopefully you'll find everything you're looking for in this website. If not, get in touch. As a Community Club, all our teams are as important to us as the next. This means that from our adult team playing in the SJFA East Region, to our boys teams and to our girls teams, to our soccer school and to special needs football, all involved are central to the aspirations of the Club and to the following, key social aims and objectives;

  • The Club should provide a dynamic learning environment in which training is fun and each member is challenged to work to their full potential.
  • The Club should provide a nurturing social environment in which each member feels needed, accepted, successful, and respected.
  • The Club should respect and value individual differences and diversity, develop in members those skills necessary to work co-operatively and provide community values such as team work, tolerance, generosity, integrity, trust and perseverance.
  • The Club should provide a talented, well-trained, innovative and diverse staff that is caring, empathetic and recognises that each member has individual needs.
  • The Club should meet the needs of the community and expand our involvement, recognising that harmony is the joint responsibility of committee, players, parents, coaches and community members alike.